The safety and welfare of our children is paramount, we feel that caring for individuals is one of our great strengths. Tutors are alert to the needs of the pupils in their charge and are quick to inform senior staff if individuals appear to have difficulties or concerns.

Each year group has a Year Manager and a Student Support Officer; their main job is to look after the welfare of the students within their year. Parents who require advice about welfare may contact the school or Mrs S Ruffles, Education Welfare Officer, St Edmunds House, Rope Walk, Ipswich (Tel: 01473 583000). As Mrs Ruffles is a frequent visitor, messages can be left for her at the school. The Education Welfare Officer is also responsible for monitoring the attendance of pupils in school.

We have a school nurse who visits the school on a regular basis. The school nurse is a registered nurse with special training in the health and development of the school child. The school nurse works as part of a team based at Chantry Clinic.

In addition we employ a Family Support Worker, shared with our cluster of schools, who can work with children and their families throughout the school year. This provides continuity of care, with transition from primary to secondary school.

Parents may contact the school nurse via the school or on 01473 685964. You can also contact your child’s Year Manager at any time to discuss any concerns that you may have.