We believe that school uniform helps create a sense of identity and encourages self respect.  Smartly dressed young people give a good impression of themselves and their school.

We rely on the support of parents in ensuring that our young people come to school dressed appropriately.

Our Uniform

Plain black skirt or trousers (see notes)

Persian blue polo shirt with Chantry Logo (Purchased from school only)

Chantry High school jumper and/or black school zip-up top with Chantry logo (Purchased from school only)

Plain black leather shoes with medium or low heels

Plain dark jackets or coats and / or waterproof PE jacket (with Chantry logo)

Summer Uniform

During the Summer term when the weather is a lot warmer the following may be worn:

Boys can wear appropriate black school shorts (not cargo or leisure shorts)

Girls can wear appropriate black knee length skirts or black knee length shorts

The school has a supply of footwear which students will be required to wear if they come to school without black leather shoes.  The only exception is when a medical doctor’s note is produced.

PE Kit – Indoor and Summer

Navy blue ‘Chantry High’ PE top and/or Plain white short sleeved sports shirt

Plain navy blue (shadow stripe) shorts

White ankle socks

Non-marking trainers (for gymnastics no socks or trainers are to be worn)

PE Kit – Outdoor (Winter)

Navy blue ‘Chantry High’ PE top and/or Plain white short sleeved sports shirt

Plain navy blue (shadow stripe) shorts

Long black football socks (boys) and/or navy blue football socks

Football boots or sensible footwear

Shin-pads for hockey and football


Plain navy blue sweatshirt (no hoodies)

Plain navy blue tracksuit bottoms

Waterproof PE jacket (with Chantry logo)

If a pupil is well enough to attend school they are still expected to bring their kit so they can still participate in the lesson in some way (e.g. as coach, referee etc).

Please note:

  • No make-up or nail varnish to be worn in years 7 to 9. Discreet make-up may be worn in Years 10 and 11
  • Hairstyles should be appropriate.  Extreme styles (including brightly coloured hair) will not be acceptable.
  • Jewellery: one ear stud in each ear, one signet ring and one chain worn under the shirt.
  • Nose studs and eyebrow studs/bars are not allowed. A plastic retainer can be worn. No other facial jewellery is allowed.
  • Skirts should be knee length, plain, not tight.
  • Trousers should be formal, ankle length (not tightly fitted).
  • Shoes must not have visible logos, platform soles or heels with narrow ends, no backless shoes, no canvas shoes. Trainers and boots are not appropriate as a replacement for shoes. Trainers may only be worn for games lessons. They should not be worn around the school.
  • T-shirts should not be visible under polo shirts.
  • No caps or hats should be worn inside school buildings.
  • Leather, denim, knitted and light or brightly coloured coats and jackets are not appropriate for school. Hooded sweatshirts, any cardigans and non-school jumpers and other similar items are not appropriate as outdoor wear.

Should any problems arise over these guidelines for reasons of religious belief, we will be pleased to discuss them and agree some mutually acceptable clothing.